Finishing out October With Lilla Rose

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Just a reminder, the October specials with Lilla Rose will be ending in just two days.

I recently ordered myself a swerve. Like any new thing, it takes some getting used to as far as learning how to use it correctly. It’s similar to hair sticks, but with two prongs that swerve, it’s a little bit different too.

These are a couple pictures of my first attempt at wearing a swerve for a long period of time (more than 6 hours). I did a lot of driving on this day, and I was amazed at how snug it felt at the point where it was time to take it out. (I would not recommend falling asleep with it in.) My one small issue is that if you have it snug against your head (aided by the curved shape) having ends that are slightly more blunt would make it even more comfortable. I didn’t usually notice the ends, but every once in awhile it would poke a little bit.

My hair is baby fine, and you can see in the first set of two pictures that without gel or hairspray, there are already wisps falling out. That makes it all the more amazing that even after bumping up and rubbing a car headrest for more than 2 hours, the style was still up!

This might be silly, but it’s hard to demonstrate in two dimensions how curved the swerve is. If you happen to see how the light falls on the swerve, you can see a little how it’s not flat.

Last chance for the $39 special starter pack

If you are at all interested in checking out Lilla Rose products, this is an amazing starter kit. You sign up to be a independent stylist which does not include signing your life away – if this is the only thing you ever purchase from Lilla Rose, that’s fine too. However, three-packs of the Lilla Rose sport flexis are $39 retail, so if you consider it that way, you get a lot more for the same price. If you do like the Lilla Rose products, as long as you purchase $29 in a year, you can continue in your role of consultant. If you do decide that you want to sell these to others, there’s no fee for their website, and you’re not required to hold inventory yourself.

dore canto 31 white rose

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