Man of God has been released on DVD and Blu-Ray

The author of this blog is an “Amazon Affiliate”. Purchases made through the Amazon links in this post may earn the author a commission though at no additional cost to you.

I went to see the movie Man of God back in March and thought it was phenomenal. It’s not very often at all that a movie about people within the Eastern Orthodox Church is made, and for a movie like this to get any sort of theatrical release in the US is nothing short of amazing. As a short recap, the movie is about the man who would come to be known as St. Nektarios, a man who was wronged and much maligned by certain others in his lifetime, but continued on with his life serving God in humility and patience nonetheless.

However, I know not everyone was able to see it with as limited of a release as it had (two Tuesdays, if I remember correctly), and some of us would certainly like to see it again and share it with others. In this case, we are in luck; the movie was made available for purchase on the 26th. If you’d like to purchase it now from Amazon, my affiliate link is here: .

(Also, if watching the movie through Amazon is you thing, that option is also available.)

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