Every New Beginning…

…comes from some other beginning’s end

So sing the band Semisonic, and I could do a music memory post on it, but I’d be sidetracked from just wanting to keep it short.

It’s the beginning of the Liturgical Year in the Orthodox Church. As we know with all these things, the beginning of the year comes always with the end of the old one, new pages to fill, so to speak, and a putting away of the book that has been written.

It’s been a day like that today.

I actually saw the band Semisonic perform when this song was quite popular; the venue had horrible acoustics, and most of the people were not familiar with most of their music. It was kind of hilarious; once this song played, a lot of people headed for the exits, not really aware that it wasn’t the end of their set – however, even as the next two songs played, it didn’t stop people from leaving.

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