Wordle #448

Wordle #448 game board

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Wordle explanations are posted a day late to ensure that no one accidentally sees the solution before playing.

Line 1: Still hanging on to using “baste”. “T” is good, all others are a no-go.

Line 2: Sometimes it’s fun to see which foreign words get accepted. I managed to find “O”, but not in the right spot.

Line 3: I like to work in “R” and “H” and even “L” fairly quickly, because they can be indicative of consonant blends. No “R” or “H” today, but I’ve knocked out a lot of words by eliminating them.

Line 4: “Lofty” is the only thing that I can think of that doesn’t have the “F” to begin the word. (It’s pretty much a given that it can’t end the word with that “T” there, and using “O” as the vowel which couldn’t be in the 3rd spot…)

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Happy Gaming!

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