Gratitude on Sunday – #6

We’ve rolled on in to November, which in the United States, conjures up the idea of Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, it seems like Thanksgiving is more and more getting swallowed up by the more commercial Halloween and Christmas – apparently it’s harder to market a holiday that is supposed to be centered around thankfulness and gratitude. Then again, when the root of gratitude stems from getting away from an attitude of entitlement, particularly in relation to God, monetizing it to the hilt is completely antithetical to the stated purpose of the holiday. That being said, this year seems especially bad with all the “Black Friday all month” sales and specials as though Thanksgiving doesn’t even exist.

As tough as things are, I’m grateful to God for each day. I’m grateful for the grounding that church can provide, and people who also belong to the communion of saints.

Yes, and I’m thankful that I didn’t end up leaving my house keys in church. It’s a little thing, but with three who were not behaving well, I was pleasantly surprised to see at coffee hour that the house keys were still in my purse.

God’s promises are forever

dore canto 31 white rose

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