Gratitude on Sunday – #7

First off, just a note – I’ve been doing “Wordless Wednesday”, but I notice that some people do “Silent Sunday” instead. I like doing a post on gratitude on Sunday, but there’s this sign which makes me question all my life’s choices, because maybe I just pick the wrong thing all the time…

Just kidding… However, if you do want to see somebody who has some fantastic “Silent Sunday” photos, check out Leann Cole’s site and her “Silent Sunday” posts. Being as she’s in Australia, though, it’s already Wednesday out there or something, so “Silent Sunday” comes around quite early. (She has this post about a very amazing and unique Serbian Orthodox Church in Australia as well, if you haven’t seen it already.)

So… The tough situation(s) still are about the same. I’m grateful to God for helping me put one foot in front of the other.

I’m grateful to God for little boys who aren’t quite too big to want to fall asleep on mama’s lap.

I’m grateful to have been able to go to church and participate there, and as much as I was really having trouble getting around this morning, the fact that a lot of the “old gang” of us troublemakers were there together this morning meant a lot. And maybe we’ll get back into a routine of seeing each other somewhat more regularly.

I am grateful for the good weather last week, that the kids got “one last hurrah” of really nice weather… Would you believe that it was something like 75F on Thursday? In Wisconsin. In November.

I am grateful that the kids have a good school to go to. I went to the kids’ conferences, and all their teachers seem to really care about them academically and as whole people. I’m grateful that even though it is, at its heart, a little parish school, they have the opportunity to do a lot.

And as much as the Midwest gets derided for being boring, I’m grateful for things like this – eclipse? Who needs an eclipse?

The skies brighten in anticipation of the sun

dore canto 31 white rose

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