Songs of the Season – Joshua Lee Turner & Allison Young – When I’m With You (Christmas Every Day)

Josh Turner (Joshua Lee Turner, because there’s another “Josh Turner” with a record contract) is one of my favorite “up and coming” musicians. He’s fantastic with just about any stringed instrument, and has been plugging away at the music “business” since establishing his Youtube channel when he was 15 – half his life ago!

He’s got some fantastic Christmas stuff on his channel to begin with, and I was planning to include at least one video this month (his Christmas medley on lute is amazing) but he’s just released an original Christmas song with Allison Young. And when I say “just released”, I mean Monday. (It’s mindblowing how the new media can work!)

This song isn’t religious in nature at all, but it reminds me of something that maybe would have come out in the 1950s. Definitely an antidote to hearing too much Mariah Carey on the radio these days, and of much better quality than “All I Want For Christmas is You”.

In addition to the “Carol of the Bells” playlist, I’ve started a general playlist of Christmas songs that will include pieces mentioned here, for anyone interested.

Are there any other new Christmas songs you would recommend?

dore canto 31 white rose

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