Sunday Gratitude – Paschal Edition

Christ is Risen!

I don’t know how even to begin here – gratitude doesn’t even begin to describe it. Pascha (Easter) is a reminder of God’s Love for us, and His sacrifice because of that love. It all can tend to be very distant and abstract at times, but especially as we struggle and even suffer, I think there tends to be more and more of a realization of what that means. God is victorious and will be victorious over all this darkness, and His love transcends it all, and I am eternally grateful.

Holy Week was insane and we didn’t manage to make it to any of the services. The week was spent with doctor’s appointments and people in and out of the house. Thursday, the electricity was out for most of the day as well.

I am grateful that these things are getting done. I’m sad that the basement will still need work, but as stupid as that mess was, it revealed something not right with the electric. Although getting the electric issues is expensive, (as if the basement issues weren’t enough), I’m grateful that the electric stuff was found and can be corrected.

I am grateful for the good weather.

I am grateful for good friends and good neighbors. I am grateful for a little bit of time with my oldest.

I am grateful that we got down to Chicago and back without any incidents.

As always, I am grateful for each one of you reading, and for your prayers.

dore canto 31 white rose

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