Wordle (388)

I got hooked on Wordle awhile back. It’s fascinating to me because it makes someone like me think about how words are put together. English is a crazy language, but there are patterns (though whomever picked the words likes to pick odd ones) and it’s really interesting to see how those work for the game.

Yesterday’s puzzle:

Line 1: I usually start off with “BEAST” or “FEAST” depending on my mood. I like having four very common letters in very common positions plus one letter kind of in the middle of the heap, which is why I don’t go for “LEAST” or “YEAST”. The “L” is also very common, and the Y, besides being fairly uncommon is rarely in the first position.

Line 2: Having only the T correct, I wanted a word that had all different letters, so I went with “POINT”, which is good since it has both the O and the I.

Line 3: Considering that there is no O and the I was in the wrong spot, I figured that the I was probably in spot 2. “IU” is not common in English, so I figured there was a good chance of the I being followed by three consonants (as the only other vowels left would be U or another I). Considering that if N was incorrect at position 4, and I was probably going to be in position 2, I guessed that it would be in position 1, giving me NI**T. The first thing that came to mind was “NIGHT”, which I played, and which was successful.

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