Photo post: Mourning dove chicks

This summer, we had a pair of mourning doves set up house in a small tree right outside our front window. They had one “hatch” of two, then came back a couple of weeks later for round two. This time, I attempted to get photos of the chicks every day while they were still in the nest. The following is the result.

August 1

mourning doves 1 August 01
Mom and Dad mourning dove are back!
Mourning doves 01 Aug 02
And an egg!

Mama dove stayed in the nest pretty much continuously from this time forward until a couple of days before the chicks were ready to leave the nest.

August 12

This is the day the chicks were born. Middle daughter saw one of them come out of the egg; I didn’t understand how this was possible until I saw how the nest was visible from our living room a few days later.

mourning dove 02 Aug 01
Family portrait!
Mourning doves 13 Aug 01
A little more perspective on the tree, which is probably only about 8ft tall.

August 13

Mourning doves 13 Aug 02
Still hiding most of the time under mama

August 14

mourning doves 14 Aug 01
Two days old and it’s already getting harder to hide!

August 15

Mourning Dove
So big so fast!

August 16

All puffed up since the chicks are being frisky.

I finally realized here that the nest was clearly visible from the living room of our house. More than that, the birds were much more lively when they didn’t know that they were being watched. Unfortunately, the windows cause for a lot of loss of sharpness in the photos since they have a fair amount of dust (and some glare and haziness as well) – some of this could be corrected afterward, but it’s also not an ideal solution. It did solve the mystery of how Middle Daughter saw the chicks being born though.

August 17

Mourning doves 17 Aug 01
Yeah, they don’t exactly fit under mama anymore!
mourning doves 18 Aug 03
We’re getting so big, mama left us home alone! (Time to party!)
Mourning doves 17 Aug 02
So… What do you want to do today?

August 18

Mourning doves 18 Aug 01
So grown up!

August 19

Mourning doves 19 Aug 01
Focus: front chick
mourning doves 19 Aug 12
Focus: back chick
mourning doves 19 Aug 03
Focus: between the doves

I used a 50mm lens for most of these pictures. I’m really impressed by what it can do, but I’m still learning. The pictures here which focus one one bird each are amazing, but the one where I try to split the difference puts both of the chick heads not *quite* in focus. Things like this are harder to tell, though, on a 3-inch screen!

August 20

mourning dove 20viii 01
Mama dove encouraging the chicks to move out

August 21

mourning doves 21 Aug 01
The chicks high-tailing it out of there!
mourning doves 21 Aug 02
Starting to fly

dore canto 31 white rose

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