Wordle #510

Wordle #510 Game board

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Wordle explanations are posted a day late to ensure that no one accidentally sees the solution before playing.

Line 1: I didn’t expect “unite” to do very well, but we’re back to that misplaced “E” situation!

Line 2: Since I used three vowels in Line 1, I decided to go with a word where “E” is the only vowel, and while I did get the placement of the “E”, basically I just eliminated consonants.

Line 3: I thought that “M” would be a good consonant to precede “E”, and I figured I would bring the “A” in, and the first word I thought of was “mealy”. Yes, I’m weird. It did well, because the “A” and the “L” appear, though not in those places.

Line 4: Since the “A” didn’t go in spot 3, I decided that I’d put it in 4, with either the “L” in the middle or at the end. Thinking about these two possibilities, the word “medal” seemed like a good guess, so I played it, and it worked! 🙂

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Happy Gaming!

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