Sunday Gratitude – #8

It’s been a cold week, and so all the winter things have been pulled out from various closets and containers and purchases have been made to “fill in” where an item or two has been needed. I am grateful to be at a point where when one of the kids says they need something for school (usually in the morning as I’m trying to get them in the car) that there’s usually something that will work, or at the very least, temporarily make due.

I am grateful that I can spend some time doing what I like – in this case, blogging – and that it’s been wonderful starting to get to know people in the community.

I’m grateful that even when things seem to all be going wrong and stuff seems to be falling apart right and left, I have faith that God has given that this is a season, and that things do get better.

I’m grateful for my dentist and the dental hygienist where I go – they are both fantastic people.

I feel as though this is a period of not loneliness, but of going through something alone, in phase not exactly of resignation, but of just being silent and enduring, of having the choice of giving up which would lead to disaster, or allowing God to use this fire for a better end, as tough as that is.

On this day nine years ago. Lake Michigan in Milwaukee

dore canto 31 white rose

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