Songs of the Season – The Monkees- “Ríu Chíu”

Youtube is a dangerous place for me – it is so easy to get pulled down rabbit holes even while doing “research”. On the other hand, I am constantly surprised as to some of the gems that come up.

The Monkees were my first favorite band. I was six, and they played episodes on Nickelodeon. I won’t go into how silly I was about them but it was because of the Monkees that my mom taught me how to use the VCR because it was easier for her to do that (she knew I was careful with things) than to have me constantly beg her to come in and hit the “record” button.

At one time, I probably had most of the episodes practically memorized, but already in college, while they seemed familiar, I had forgotten most of it.

I do not believe that the Christmas special was broadcast in Nickelodeon reruns. I don’t remember this son, and it’s not even familiar to me. It’s beautiful, and something I totally wouldn’t expect from the Monkees – after all, it’s a fairly obscure piece from the 16th century.

Often going under the name Ríu Ríu Chíu, it’s theology is probably somewhat too Roman Catholic for the Orthodox (or even most Protestants) , but it’s still a beautiful piece.

In addition to the “Carol of the Bells” playlist, I’ve started a general playlist of Christmas songs that will include pieces mentioned here, for anyone interested.

dore canto 31 white rose

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