Sunday Gratitude – #11

It’s been another week that has just flown by, but was tough to get through nonetheless. Next week is probably going to be extremely tough as well, with one thing in particular that I’m really dreading. To tell the truth, part of me doesn’t want to be grateful about anything right now. That is willfulness, and while I don’t like it, this whole year has been a tough slog, and part of me is just ready to say “I’ve had it, do what you want to me, world!” but there’s nothing to be gained with that.

We didn’t make it to church today. I felt sick yesterday and today, and youngest daughter seems to never really be completely over whatever cold she has – sometimes she’ll go a week or two with minimal symptoms, and then something will come up again.

But there are always things to be grateful for, and it’s often when we don’t necessarily feel like being grateful that it’s all the more important to remember to be grateful.

I’m grateful that I had the option of ordering groceries online for pickup, so that I didn’t have to drag a sick toddler through the grocery store.

I’m grateful to the lady who saw I only had a loaf of bread at Aldi, and waved me in front of her.

I’m grateful for friends who listen even when things are not going well.

I’m grateful for things like the “‘Tis the Season Cinema” thing, because it’s been fun to do, and it’s been nice going back and forth discussing the movies.

I’m finishing this on Monday morning… The day begins, and there’s a lot to do. If you would, say a prayer for us.

I found this film through a blog, and it’s pretty good. It’s 39 minutes, so it’s not long. “What Men Live By”.

I found this film through a blog, and it’s pretty good. It’s 39 minutes, so it’s not long. “What Men Live By”.

dore canto 31 white rose

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Gratitude – #11

  1. Prayers sent your way! We have all been facing tough times a nd it’s SO HARD! Give yourself a break and a nice pat on the back- you’ve been doing a great job and just going through the act of TRYING to be grateful takes courage and great strength. Keep at it!

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    1. Thank you.

      This morning I ended up having to take a different route to the kids’ school because there was a really bad accident on the 2-lane state highway we drive on for a couple of miles. There’s nothing particularly dangerous there other than a *little* bit of a curve. It was misty this morning, and I bet there’s a good chance someone very familiar with the road was going to fast and slid on the precipitation. (Wait… more info available… a drunk driver from Illinois! Lovely!) The road was closed for several hours, and from what I could see there was a smashed up car up on the guardrail (that there is a guardrail for such a little curve tells you something!) In the summer, there was a couple who got killed on a motorcycle at the intersection half a mile north of there – the next light… Apparently didn’t see that the light was red when they went through… Always a reminder of how much things can unexpectedly `change in just an instant, and how perspective is helpful.

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