Sunday Gratitude – #12 (Monday Edition)

This week, I ended up contacting Teledoc because Oldest Daughter was sick to the point of probably needing prescription medicine, but scheduling with her pediatrician is not always easy and doing that or going to urgent care gets expensive. There’s a lot that Teledoc is not designed for, but it certainly is useful for “simple” things like the occasional sinus infection or what-have-you.

However, Oldest Daughter had never used this again, which meant that she needed to be registered and she’s a minor, so it had to be done under a guardian account, and while I used Teledoc before, the last time was when I was really feeling terrible, and I didn’t remember anything about my login or password. For this reason, I ended up calling.

I ended up on the line with a woman named Jessica from Louisiana. Not only did she need a lot of information, but their system was being slow and not working properly, but she was friendly and patient and extraordinarily helpful all the way through. We started chatting during the pauses, and by the time everything was done – probably close to an hour later – it was like talking to an old friend, and I was sad to have to hang up. I am grateful to be reminded that there are really wonderful people out there even in the most “mundane” of places. (And here, I shouldn’t forget a woman named Kimberly from T-Mobile a few weeks ago either!)

I’m grateful to my attorney, and to the “random strangers” who helped me find her.

I am grateful to have had some time alone this weekend, to do “nothing” and get some things done.

Writing about the carol yesterday, it certainly reminded me how I am grateful to have known John Sutko.

And I am certainly always grateful to God, who loves us and doesn’t abandon us.

dore canto 31 white rose

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