Wordle #555

Wordle #555 game board

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Wordle explanations are posted a day late to ensure that no one accidentally sees the solution before playing.

Line 1: “Extra”… a misplaced “E”. Deja vu all over again!

Line 2: The “E” is in the correct space, at least.

Line 3: I could use some more letters, misplaced or not.

Line 4: I went for this because it is a very unusual word, and one I probably wouldn’t get other than playing it. It kind of seemed a waste, in one sense, because it wasn’t the word, but it was helpful in getting the “U” and letting me know that there was no second “E”, which is no small thing, considering how many words have multiple “E”s.

Line 5: I thought long and hard about what letters could be played next to each other at this point, since we’d pretty much gotten down to the fact that there’s a “U” and an “E” and consonants for the rest. “D” and “G” came to mind, so I played “pudge”, thinking that this had to be the solution.

Line 6: As soon as I saw that “pudge” wasn’t the word, I knew I was in trouble because I didn’t know if the answer was “budge” or “nudge” or “fudge”. Wouldn’t you know, it wasn’t any of these, but rather “judge”? Oh well. I was doing this in part in the waiting room of urgent care, and… I think I would have been more annoyed with myself breaking a long streak because of losing as opposed to just forgetting to play. As it stood, I only had a tiny streak after forgetting to play the other day. However, my longest streak of 106 seems more and more impressive!

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Happy Gaming!

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