Gratitude in 2023

We’re still sick, but I think we are firmly on the way to being done with whatever this horrible bug has been. I have never seen something which produces so much gunk around the eyes! My one ear is still somewhat swollen and a little bit sore, but even that has gotten better over the last two days or so.

For the most part, we’ve just been quietly at home. I feel a little guilty that the kids’ school break was eaten up quite a bit by everyone being sick, but not having school to worry about was good too – this way, I didn’t have to wake up and pack in the sick kids to bring anyone feeling well enough to school. I’m grateful for that.

I’m grateful for the roof over our heads, and that we’ve kept warm in a cold winter.

I’m grateful that there was this week “pause” in all the business.

I’m grateful for the outlet of writing, and to all of you for reading.

I’m grateful for kids who still like to snuggle.

I’m grateful for friends who haven’t given up on me.

I’m grateful for the overwhelming amount of cuteness around me sometimes.

2022 was hard. Excruciatingly hard. I don’t know if I can say yet that I’m thankful for it, but I certainly don’t want to write it off – there were good things, the kids keep growing, and there’s plenty to be learned from it. God’s grace was certainly not lacking – it’s just that to everything there is a season, and this seems to be a season of enduring trials. We know that there’s also a time for rejoicing… so we keep going.

Bonners Ferry 2012 church Holy Myrrhbearers
Holy Myrrhbearers Antiochian Orthodox Church, Bonners Ferry, Idaho, December 2012

Happy New Year 2023!

dore canto 31 white rose

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