Another Monday Edition of Sunday Gratitude

I was trolling through blogs over the weekend, which I periodically do with my work on the Orthodox Blogs page at OrthodoxWiki, and I happened upon the post “One Hour in Dachau“, which is a powerful read about gratitude. It serves as a reminder from the life of St Nikolai of Zica that gratitude is not just important in the good things, but is especially important to cultivate during the bad.

The last couple of days have been especially difficult. We’re not completely healthy, but I’m thankful that I think we’re past the worst of it.

I am thankful for small kindnesses, even done by people who probably do so just in the course of a day’s work.

I’m grateful to friends who are there in whatever capacity.

And I know to be grateful for the hard times, even if it is easier to do so looking back on it all.

Russian Orthodox chapel at Dachau, Pascha 2002
The Russian Orthodox chapel at Dachau, Pascha 2002

dore canto 31 white rose

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