Everything Fell Into Place

I am exhausted, but for the first time in a very long time, in a good way.

I did something crazy – I went for five days to visit friends, by myself, without the kids.

I needed it. I needed to be embraced in that circle of love. I needed to be reminded that as much as things are not all right, that they will get better, and that not only is God there for me, but also the people who have become “chosen family”.

At first, it didn’t seem as it was going to happen, as a Sunday return seemed impossible. When I changed it with the wild idea of coming back Monday, I had the best returns that were available. Not only that, but it worked out with a dear neighbor to get rides both in getting there and getting back, because she just happened to be scheduled for things that would make that possible.

The Monday return made it possible to go to a church I hadn’t been to in years and years. It was amazing, and I got to go to Confession and partake of Communion. It seems to have also inspired a friend.

Many times, God works in mysterious ways, but there are also times when it seems as though He makes things quite clear to the people who are willing to see them.

Right now, there’s a lot to process, as all sorts of stuff is running through my head from the trip, and I’m crashing from the five days of adrenaline that made it possible to run around on very little sleep – then again, the sleep that I was getting wasn’t being interrupted by children, so it seemed so much more restful.

(It’s taken a couple of days to get this posted, due to technical difficulties, kids, and just getting back into routine.)

My mind is still racing, but I am grateful that everything seemed to just fall into place. God is good!

Milwaukee churches floor mosaic panel

dore canto 31 white rose

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