Sunday Gratitude – 14.V.2023 – Mother’s Day

Christ is Risen!

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope it was a beautiful day for all.

I remember looking forward for the school year to start so that I’d have “more time” to get stuff done. Now I’m looking forward to the end of the school year for the same reason. It’s amazing how much time and energy “just” getting the kids ready in the morning is. Will the kids sleep in during the summer? I certainly hope so!

Mr. Hollands Home Services, which is local here, had a fantastic Mother’s Day ad, and I wish they would have put it up on their website or youtube because I would have liked to have shared it.

In the meantime, there’s a flurry of end-of-year events, competitions, field trips, and appointments. Just a few more days until the “finish line”, so to speak. I think two will be taking the bus next year, and hopefully that cuts down on the number of morning fights about who is making whom late.

I am grateful that the electricity in the family room has been fixed. I’m glad to be able to pay for that.

I am grateful that I could get the new Zelda game for the kids. I’m grateful that on Mother’s Day, I got to actually play it a little.

I’m grateful that a neighbor volunteers to mow my grass with his riding mower.

I’m grateful that although my three-year-old fell out of a Costco cart and hit her head, it doesn’t seem like it is anything more than a bump. She’s getting so reckless in general, if this is a reminder to her not to get so crazy, I’m grateful for that too, painful as it is.

I am grateful for my kids, to know them, and for all the growing they make me do.

I’m grateful to have gotten two “big” things finished this week.

As always, I am grateful for each one of you reading, and for your prayers.

dore canto 31 white rose

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