A Little Bit of Housekeeping

WordPress has changed up their offerings a little bit and is now offering subscription services to anyone who has a paid plan, a la Substack. I don’t plan on paywalling anything here (and I barely paywall anything on Substack) but I have changed my pages up a bit so that if somebody does want to support my writing monetarily, he or she can do so directly through WordPress. That page is here: https://breathofhallelujah.com/affiliate-earnings-disclosure/.

Furthermore, as I was updating things, I found that I do have a “Movies” page which I can make good use of now, what with all the movie posts! 🙂 The idea with the book and the movie pages was to link them all to the posts and to Amazon, as I was an Amazon Associate, but, after 10 years, my account inexplicably went dead, and all the customer “support” I got on the issue was that supposedly I was the one who cancelled the account and that I was “free to start a new account” whenever I felt like it. Well, I didn’t have time then to pursue it further or set up a new account, so it’s just kind of been sitting out here ever since. I *may* set up a new account, but I’m not ready to do so at the moment.

I’m also hoping to make up some creative things to sell. Again, I just haven’t had time to work on any of that.

dore canto 31 white rose

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Thank you very much!

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