Make Aldi pizza great

It’s such a wonderful thing that Aldi still offers take’n’bake pizzas for reasonable prices. I think the last time I bought one, it was $6, whereas even some of our favorite frozen pizza has gotten to be so expensive that it’s kind of ridiculous.

In any case, while Aldi pizza may be a great value, there’s no denying that their pizzas are very, very plain. However, without too much effort (or expense) this small shortcoming can be rectified.

Uncooked pizza from Aldi still in box and packaging.  Text on box - "Take & bake five cheese extra large pizza" "Traditional crust" "100% real cheese" as well as some smaller things.
Aldi pizza!

1. Use a pizza stone

Picture of pizza stone in oven

The pizza stone will help create an even, slightly crispy bottom to your pizza. Aldi pizzas are big, so even with this 16″ pizza stone, there’s a small amount of the crust that goes past it. However, if the pizza is centered, this should be somewhere around 1/4″ or less. The tricky thing is that the stone should be preheated with the oven, so when you put the pizza on it, it’s already hot.

2. Add oregano

Picture of uncooked pizza with oregano sprinkled on top

Adding a little bit of seasoning does wonders for this pizza. A bit of oregano is all it takes, but for anyone who is more creative, there are many that can be used

3. Brush the crust with olive oil

Picture of uncooked pizza with bottle of olive oil, ramekin with a small amount of olive oil in it, as well as the head of a purple silicone food brush.  (Who knows where the handle went!)

This step does wonders for the crust, giving it just a bit of taste as well as helping give it a nice golden color when it is baked.

4. Add cheese and toppings (optional)

Picture of uncooked pizza with extra cheese.

We usually have a bag of mozzarella cheese from Costco in the refrigerator, so I usually take a little bit just to supplement what is on the Aldi pizza. Of course, other cheeses could be used. Since no one seems to agree on toppings around here (besides none) I will also sometimes add toppings on certain parts of the pizza for specific people (feta and red bell pepper is one of my favorite combinations). One thing that I have learned is that if you do this, do not add the extra cheese in the same places as the extra toppings – doing this could result in uneven cooking of your pizza.

5. Enjoy!

Picture of baked pizza
Bon Appetit!

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