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The author of this blog is an “independent stylist” with Lilla Rose. Purchases made through this link <> will earn the author a commission.

Four months ago, I had never heard of Lilla Rose. However, back in January, I had finally had enough of elastic-band ponytails. On the one hand, my hair had reached a length that even keeping it up in a ponytail didn’t keep it out of the way doing everyday tasks (and mind you, hair tips meeting the inside of the hot oven door while I was trying to pull food out do not make for a pleasant smell).

Hence, the search for alternatives for putting up my hair began. Youtube was instrumental in teaching me how to use hair sticks and hair pins, which is a skill I didn’t manage to figure out in the 90s, when that sort of stuff was “in”. Suddenly, not only was the neglected hair stick with leather “cover” that I’d purchased two decades ago finally useful to me, but I was entering a world of incredible possibility when it came to better ways to put up my hair.

Then, as I was going through my Gab feed one day, I saw a woman had posted about a monthly contest for a Lilla Rose Flexi-clip. I had never heard of either Lilla Rose or their Flexi-clip, but who doesn’t like to win free stuff? Of course I entered!

Surprisingly enough, I won one of the Flexi-clips that month. I got it in the mail, and I had to try it out. It seemed interesting, but I have hair that is really hard to get to stay put – besides being long, it’s baby-fine but there is a lot of it. I wouldn’t be too disappointed if it didn’t end up working out.

Then I tried it – and it worked! What I received was an extra-small flexi-flip, and if I put the pin in the “backwards” position, I could put up about half of my hair and the clip actually stayed put remarkably well.

picture of extra small Lilla Rose flexi-flip in my hair

This got me interested in more of what Lilla Rose has to offer, and after many a night of “oohing” and “ahhing” over clips and sticks and hairchains and what have you, I ordered a couple more things.

Medium Flexi-Clip holding a faux-1870s double braided bun hairstyle
Inspired by an 1870s style demonstrated in Morgan Donner’s epic “I tried 500 years of Haircuts” video.

Then, the crazy idea of actually becoming a Lilla Rose stylist came to mind. I remember going to a Tupperware party or two as a kid (as well as how much my mom disliked going to them) but by now, I’ve also met people who are really good at doing direct sales without making others feel uncomfortable to be around them. As these things seemed to converge, Lilla Rose rolled out a promotion this July, offering a special startup package for $49. I was in contact with the woman from whom I won the Flexi-flip, Paula Ramm, and she was incredibly helpful and full of encouragement with getting started.

Lilla Rose sells a variety of hair and beauty items, but their Flexi-Clip is their patented and unique item. The Flexi-Clips come in seven sizes, from XXS – XXL. What is nice is that there was thought put into each size, and so even with the same design, they are slightly different in order to “work” with each size.

Flexi-sport after being in my hair for 15+ hours.  The pin rolled to the side a little, but the clip didn't go anywhere.
My Flexi-Clip collection so far… at the top, the XXS (or mini) size, then XS, then Small, Medium, and Sport. I don’t currently own any Large or XL clips, but the bottom clip is an XXL and it is massive!
"Angel" XXL flexiclip holding a braided bun

From what i understand, the Flexi-sport is fairly new, and advertised as having a hold that is so good that it stands up to all sorts of activity. I did a ton of driving the other day and had the Flexi-sport in my hair the whole time. I had my hair in a medium-high ponytail, which was at the point where it did a fair amount of bumping into the headrest of the car I drove for hours. About 15 hours later, the Sport was still in, and still pretty much where I put it in the morning – without pulling!

Braided bun with Lilla Rose hair sticks
Selfies of the back of the head are ridiculously difficult!

f any of you are interested in checking out Lilla Rose, this weekend is the time! Lilla Rose is running their “Christmas in July” promotion today through Monday, where everything on the site is at least 30% off, with many items discounted to 50% off. Furthermore, purchases made through my link <> help me out as well.

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