This isn’t a new video, but I only recently saw it for the first time.

Dancing robots, oh my!

I have enough of a science background to understand a little bit about how incredibly difficult it is to get robots to dance. They have to be built to be capable of this type of movement – and robots are not known for being graceful on their feet – but then they have to be either very specifically programmed for the routine, have incredibly advanced artificial intelligence programming to keep them from making mistakes like running into each other, or some combination of the two. With these particular robots, I suspect it is the latter, because not only do they do the dance routine (which could be pure programming), but they “acknowledge” each other and get into sync with each other (which lends to the idea of machine “decision making”).

These are very advanced, very expensive machines that a huge team of scientists have worked on for years upon years. What is striking – and even more so if one digs into some of Boston Dynamics’ other videos to see the evolution of these designs – is how much these incredible robots mimic the forms of nature, namely a human male, a dog, and an ostrich.

For those who are strictly evolutionists, there is the idea that all forms of life on this planet developed over millions of years through minute changes in living organisms at the cellular level. Not only is the complexity of systems in animals something that makes me give long pause to this theory, but also the fact that we generally observe systems devolve into entropy rather than improve themselves on their own.

Given this, when I see dancing robots which take the form of living things, it makes me see the actual living things as the blueprint, the inspired design if you will, that which is created by God, and the robots as the copies, which, as advanced as they are, are still not human (or even animal). These are wonders of technology, but the wonders of God’s creation is even greater.

To God be all glory!

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