Wordle #400

Wordle explanations are posted a day late to ensure that no one accidentally sees the solution before playing.

Line 1: One of my typical start words. Only the “E” is in the solution, but in a different position

Line 2: Chose a word with new letters except for the “E”; moved the “E” to the end. “R” is new, but in the incorrect position.

Line 3: This may be a result of doing the puzzle before 6am on very little sleep, but I thought to myself “Let me think of a word that starts with “E” that has an “R” in it… The word that I actually was grasping for was “ephod” (which I loved to play on Words with Friends) but at that hour of darkness and brain haze, I thought to myself, “Ephor it is, by golly!” Only after playing it, I realized that I had no idea what it was, or why it was accepted by Wordle. However, it did give me correct placement of the “R” and additionally, the letters “O” and “P”.

Line 4: By this time, I guessed that this was a word ending in “ER”. I also guessed that the “O” had to be in position two… Let’s try something that starts “PO” and ends “ER” – Yay! there’s an easy word that fits!

Line 5: “Poker” is not the answer, so logically, it really had to be “power”!

Did you get this Wordle? Tell me about it in the comments!

Happy Gaming!

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