Wordle #586

Wordle #586 game board

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Wordle explanations are posted a day late to ensure that no one accidentally sees the solution before playing.

Line 1: “Maize” got me a misplaced “E”… and eliminated two other vowels at the same time.

Line 2: Yay! The “E” goes in the middle, and I suppose that makes it more likely that “E” will be the only vowel.

Line 3: Don’t mind me, I’m just eliminating consonants over here.

Line 4: This is kind of an “all or nothing” move. Words that start with “Q” not only “waste” the first spot, but kind of the second as well with the “U”, but if one doesn’t keep the “Q” possibility in mind, every once in awhile it sneaks up. Here, I see it’s not a “Q” word, and there is no “U” either, BUT the upside is that I know that there are two “E”s in the puzzle.

Line 5: If it’s a double “E”, I’ll put the “E”s in spots 2 and 3. This could also be a “Y” word… Let’s have some fun and play “beefy”. And… It worked! 🙂

Did you get this Wordle? Tell me about it in the comments!

(Sorry for being late with this – some personal business needed taken care of this week, and it ate up loads of time.)

Happy Gaming!

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