Wordle #587

Wordle #587 game board

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Wordle explanations are posted a day late to ensure that no one accidentally sees the solution before playing.

Line 1: The “Y” at the end is quite interesting.

Line 2: Playing two more vowels here – the “O” in spot 2 is nice – now to see what goes between these two letters!

Line 3: I wanted an “S” word, and maybe because I was tired, the first thing that came to mind was “soggy”. I kind of didn’t want to play it because of the double “G”, but figured that there’s a decent chance that there’s a double letter between the “O” and “Y”. Not only did I strike out on the “G”, but also on the “S”.

Line 4: Getting an “R” here is nice, but I still don’t feel like I have any clue.

Line 5: I think “corny” was a solution before, but it would be interesting if they started throwing in repeats just to keep people on their toes!

Line 6: “Wormy”? I get happy when I see the “W” flip over green – and groan when the 4th spot flips grey – “worry” – I was right about the double consonants. Ha! I should have played “sorry” instead of “soggy”. Oh well, chalk it up to the “fail” category. At least I should be caught up with the posting.

Did you get this Wordle? Tell me about it in the comments!

(Sorry for being late with this – some personal business needed taken care of this week, and it ate up loads of time.)

Happy Gaming!

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