Sunday Gratitude (9.IV.2023)

First of all, for all celebrating Easter today – Christ is Risen!

Secondly, Scheels is an amazing sporting goods store, and I’m just sorry not to live anywhere near one right now. They are based in Fargo, North Dakota and currently have 31 stores in 14 states. This was their homepage this morning.

I could never see a large-ish company based in New York City or California doing this. I feel like I owe Scheels a debt of gratitude – in 2020 and 2021, we managed to “hit” four or five Scheels along the way, and every single one of them was incredibly gracious and welcoming to us all, even the littlest. That can’t be said for every business, and to be so consistent was unbelievably meaningful to me, as a mom to five who were 10 and under in 2020.

Kind of on the same note, John Kass’ (Western) Easter message:

Lord, have mercy, this was a crazy tough week. It’s been the kind of week where it would just be easy to throw up my hands and say, “I don’t feel like being grateful for anything.” Yet that is willfulness, and it’s not how I’m going to get through this.

I am grateful that this Lent is nearly over – it’s been spiritually and mentally brutal.

I am grateful that the door to the van has been fixed, and it didn’t cost me anything.

I’m grateful to the people at my kids’ school – that they approach things always keeping God in their hearts.

I’m grateful for little kid hugs.

I’m grateful that even with the issues with the house this week, they are being remedied quickly and I’m not having to stress about costs.

I am grateful for the good weather, and being able to dry clothes outside.

Although we’ll be celebrating Easter next week, it’s never a bad time to be grateful that God loves us and that Jesus died on the cross for us.

I am grateful for those I am getting to know online, and those who give me something good to read and think about with their writing.

As always, I am grateful for each one of you reading, and for your prayers.

dore canto 31 white rose

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